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Welcome To NoRulesMC.net: one of the world's worst Minecraft servers to exist. You are reading this page for one reason: to escape spawn, work hard, and be successful on the server. This information is updated to meet the standards of june 2020.

How to Escape Spawn

Upon joining for the first time, you will be greeted by the harsh wasteland of Spawn, a place filled with withers, Lavacasts, alongside Spawnfags, which are players that have nothing better to do in their lives but find enjoyment making your escape harder than it should be.

  1. When you join, do /kill until you end up near a Nether Portal, and at a coordinate that is reasonably far from spawn (e.g.: X 1000, Z 0). The further you are from 0,0, the higher your chance of survival.
  2. Sometimes portals will be blocked off with obsidian on the other side, in an attempt to prevent noobs (like you!) from escaping. This is called a "portal trap". Therefore, before entering the nether portal, you should turn on the Portals module if your client has it. (under Exploits). This will make portal traps easily escapable with a /kill, instead of being impossible to escape. (in Vanilla, the game does not permit you to open chat to type /kill while in a portal!)
  3. Turn on Anti-Hunger. This will help you by slowing down the draining of hunger, so you can mine and walk further.
  4. If a total stranger claims they will help you, perform the command /ignore theirUsername. Most of the time these players will not help, especially so if you've noticed them killing other players in chat. If you have a prior relationship with someone who has offered to help you, accept that offer.
  5. If a player starts following you, you lose a lot of health/hunger, you get trapped in a portal, the portal is suspended over lava and there's no way to proceed, or anything goes wrong, simply /kill. No shame. Just try again!
  6. If you have a hard time finding a safe path, try using Baritone, an AI pathfinding bot, which is included in Impact and some other clients. To go a certain distance in the direction you are facing, type #thisway <distance> then #path in the chat, and the bot will automatically calculate a safe route and begin to navigate along it. You can also type #goto <x> <z> or #goto <x> <y> <z> to navigate to a specific location. To stop navigation, type #stop. You might also want to type #avoidance true to set Baritone to avoid travelling too close to mobs. Click here to see a list of Baritone commands.
  7. Get up to Y=120 in the nether and head down a highway. Walk for around 10k to 20k overworld blocks, then start trying portals periodically. When you start to see trees and grass, go through, make basic tools (e.g. an axe), and start to harvest apples for food. Make sure to replant saplings for yourself, since food is one of the larger challenges you will face initially. You will not find any animals like cows or pigs.
  8. Do not go to any "famous landmarks" that you may have heard of. If you've heard of it, griefers have too, and there will be absolutely nothing left.
  9. Make a fishing rod. Get the string either from finding a spider spawner dungeon and killing a few spiders, or from cobwebs in abandoned mineshafts. You can fish automatically using the Auto Fish module. Auto-fishing is the easiest way of getting Food, EXP, and Enchantments. If you have items enchanted with mending, don't wear them when Auto-Fishing unless they need to be repaired.

How to become successful on the server

This guide is for players that have already escaped spawn. This guide will not be in use if you have not escaped spawn.

After a while of walking in the nether, it's time to create a temp base for yourself. A temp base is good for new players that need to collect resources and other materials.

  1. Build your temp base around 100,000 to 200,000 blocks away from spawn, and 5,000 to 10,000 blocks away from the Highway. Make sure to be in newer chunks or above (ex: biomes aren't messed up).
  2. Make a bed. This is so you will re spawn at your base, and not at spawn when you die.
  3. Create Protection 4 Armor and decent tools. This set of armor is a standard on the server, as it will make it harder for griefers/pvpers to kill you if you are on a highway.
  4. Create an Ender Chest. Put things like food, tools, and wood into your Ender Chest. If you have shulkers, you can carry more items at once.
  5. From time to time, a Duplication Glitch is found on NoRulesMC, and is used to duplicate items. Find out how to perform the duplication method to duplicate your current items. (NOTE: NEVER INSTALL CLIENTS THAT ARE MADE FOR ITEM DUPLICATION ON NRMC or other anarchy Servers. These clients are made to collect your location, and are shared across platforms such as Reddit and Discord). If you aren't rich, but have rich friends, you can ask them to help you get rich.

After a while, you will collect enough resources to leave your tempbase and travel farther on NRMC.

How to build a permanent base

While considering where you want to stop, be aware that no matter where you build, there will always be a chance your base will get griefed. There are ways however, to make your base safer from being griefed.

  1. Always build away from the nether highway. No matter how far you are from spawn, portals are dotted throughout all highways. Many players tend to stop at these portals to obtain resources such as wood and food. By being closer to the highway, you put yourself at the risk of having your base found by wandering players.
  2. Cover your tracks. Make sure that if you are digging a straight pathway through the nether, fill your pathway back up with netherrack. If you mine into a quartz deposit, mine all the quartz and replace it with netherrack. Digging a straight hole through a deposit will allow people with x-ray to see that the deposit has been altered.
  3. Upon reaching the overworld, set a bed and destroy your portal. The safest bases have remaining tracks. Set your bed spawn in the over world and put everything into a chest, except any diamond pickaxe. Destroy the portal, then destroy your pickaxe (jumping into lava is best). Be considerate on how much EXP you have. If you have around 30 levels, enchant random items before doing this procedure.
  4. The less members, the better. Solo bases generally will last the longest, considering that you won't have to worry about your base being compromised. Bases with more members pose a much larger risk, especially organized ones. (Compare bases to stars: smaller stars tend to last longer compared to larger stars). Exceptionally large bases are primary targets for griefers, considering larger bases are much more well-known among the NoRulesMC community.

Following these steps will reduce the chance of your base being griefed.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is the IP to NRMC?

A. NoRulesNC.net

Q. Which Version is NoRulesMC?

A. You can join with 1.7.2 up to 1.15.2 and even with Minecraft Bedrock (and Pocket Edition) although I would recommend you to join with 1.12.2.

Q. How do I get invited to a base?

A. By gaining reputation on the server. DO NOT ASK PLAYERS ON REDDIT IF YOU CAN BASE WITH THEM. This will lower your reputation.

Q. Which highway should I go on?

A. Any highway. However X+ seems to be more common for newer players to travel down on.

Q. Will there ever be a Queue?

A. No, if the server should gain popularity the slots will be optimized for the amount of players. Then when the server is full, activate your autoconnect and try your luck.

Q. When will NRMC Update to 1.13/1.14/1.15/1.16?

A. Not now, 1.13/1.14/1.15 are too unstable to run as an anarchy server. If 1.16 is strong enough, I will update the server.

Q. How long will the server last?

A. Longer then you can count.