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The following is a timeline of events relating to the NRMC server, including events that take place in and out of the server. Events in bold denote server-wide and/or technical changes or events, usually made by the server owner.

Note: This timeline is a work-in-progress and can be added to. Please take an extra moment to check your grammar if you decide to add or edit an event.


This time concerns all relevant events that led up to NRMC's founding.

  • January 2020 - NoRulesMC starts as a 1.15.2 anarchy Server for a short amount of time, in order to test all plugins and if the server would be good enough to be a lag free anarchy Server.


Player Count: 0-20


  • May 1st - The Server got released and has been heavily advertised.
  • May 3th - The Ender Dragon got killed for the first time by LapaRudi.
  • May 4th - NRMC got an official website.
  • May 15th - NRMC got besides of an official website now also a Discord Server.
  • May 30th - The subreddit r/NRMC was born on the same day the server reached 1,000 players.
  • May ?? - 1 million blocks out is reached.


  • June 8th - Dirt's 1 mil stash griefed completely by Greengrey and Purge.
  • June 12th - Alpha Town starts being built.
  • June 14th - Greengreyy's and 00crusher's base get's griefed by Greengreyy.
  • June 16th - The Second Ender Dragon is killed by Alpha Town.
  • June 18th - Main end island greif starts.
  • June 18th - Alpha Town is discovered and semi-griefed.
  • June 19th - Alpha Town's coords are publicly leaked by the group.


  • Hopefully this will be edit by someone who owns a time machine.