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NRMC's Spawn is centered on x0, z0 and the area that surrounds it, though very few people agree on how far out the term "spawn" means, the wiki defines it as 1k blocks from 0,0. Like its name suggests, Spawn is the starting point for new players and the place where players without beds respawn, making it the most populated place on NoRulesMC.

A picture of spawn taken 6/4/2020

Inner Spawn

Spawn is usually described as cobblestone hell because of its many cobblestone mountains made from lava casts. Spawn also has many abandoned houses littering the area, along with bridges, swastikas, ruined farms, etc. 0,0 tends to be the hardest part to traverse due to it having no continuous ground, instead being made up of patches of blocks, requiring players to jump / build across them to travel.


x0, z0 is considered to be the most dangerous place in spawn for many reasons. There are usually two reasons why: other players who will kill you on sight, and the difficulty in traversing the terrain. Spawn has no animals for many thousands of blocks, and farms are usually destroyed within days of being made. This makes escaping spawn for new players extremely difficult (without hacks), and has become a sort of test to determine who can survive on NRMC and who cannot.

However, escaping spawn becomes somewhat easy if the newfag has hacks in which he can use speed hacks to get far enough to find food and is cautious on the highways without losing too much hunger.

Spawn Incursions

Spawn Incursions are invasions of spawn, usually by a large group, with the intent to cause mass genocide at spawn to show their dominance on the server or attempt to contain a flood of newfags. See more on the Spawn Incursions page.

The present

Spawn in the present is very, very chaotic. Many places have been lava casted, or in some cases, ripped off the map leave only floating cobble stone behind. Spawn Is Currently Very Easy To Escape With Fly Hacks

The Future

The future of spawn is unknown. Spawns future is dependant on the population of the server and the heat around it. Currently, spawn is facing huge amounts of destruction daily. Those who seldom visit spawn regularly, and return after a period of time absent, may find themselves looking at a nearly different area. It's expected that the x,0 z,0 coordinates and the area surrounding it will be a complete bedrock crater, and the area surrounding it will turn into this too. It's also likely that eventually the increasing prevalence of lava casts and blocking walls will stop newfags from leaving. It may also be possible that the spawn radius is increased, leading to an increase in the region where spawn lies, causing destruction in border forests and relatively quiet places. Due to the new water mechanics in the 1.13 update, there have been plans to flood spawn using flying machines and turn it into a gigantic ocean. This will cause many new players to drown almost immediately upon joining the server, and will possibly make it much harder to escape spawn.