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NoRulesMC, commonly known as NRMC or nrmc, is a Minecraft anarchy server which has used the same map since its official beginning in May 2020. Considering that this is an anarchy server, player actions are generally unfiltered, resulting in considerably toxic events to occur, such as random griefs, oddities in chat, and even large scale conflicts. The server has a size of over 100 gigabytes and has had over 1,000 players join it as of may 2020. The IP address to connect to it is

The server owner is unknown. "The server is maintained by an anonymous entity which also pays for this server. I will never play here with one or an admin account, if there is something I have to test then I will use multiple alt accounts."


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The name NoRulesMC is simpily made out of NoRules (which obviosly is the basic idea of the server) and MC which stands for Minecraft.